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Telmo Moreira

Cassical Dance Technique – Advanced

Classic Repertoire – Advanced

Telmo Moreira began his training at the National Conservatory Dance school of Portugal. After being awarded one of the top prizes in the 2007 Prix de Lausanne, he received a scholarship to complete his studies at the Vaganova Ballet Academy, where he had the opportunity to perform Flower Festival Pas de deux at the Marinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. Moreira has also received the Outstanding European Dancer award at the Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP) nals, the Judges Prize at the 2008 Varna International Ballet Competition (IBC), was a nalist at the 2008 Bejing IBC, and was a semi- nalist in Jackson USA IBC 2014.
After competing in the Prix de Lausanne for the second time, Moreira received the apprenticeship award and chose to join American Ballet Theatre’s second company, where he danced works by Jerome Robbins, George Balanchine, and Edwaard Liang. Moreira has been invited to participate in international galas such as YAGP Japan’s Gala. Moreira joined Orlando Ballet in 2011 where he danced numerous leading roles and danced works by Jessica Lang, Peter Chu, Abdur Jackson, Robert Hill, George Balanchine, and Jerome Robbins. During his time with the company, Moreira had the opportunity to choreograph his own ballets and created Barco Negro (2014), Unsaid (2015), and Same Old Fear (2016). He also created his own production of Firebird for Florida Ballet. In 2016, he won best choreography at the YAGP regionals in Tampa.
In September 2017, Moreira became a full-time faculty member with the Rock School


Yonel Castilla Serrano

Contemporary Dance Technique – Intermediate/Advanced

Choreographic Workshop – Intermediate/Advanced

Yonel Castilla Serrano was born in 1975, lives and works in Portugal, Holland and Cuba / Havana. He performed nationally and internationally, as a member of one of the largest companies of Contemporary Dance Havana, Cuba. Choreographer and dancer with the company of “Dansa Combinatório” and had presentations and collaboration with the director Rosário Cardenas. Dancer with the company of Dance Theater of Cuba “Retazos”, with more than fifty presentations at national and international level, dance festival in Callejero; Dancer in the project, with company United C, “Apology” in the Netherlands and still dancer in Trash company, in the festival Dansdag in Mastrich; has been a guest teacher of contemporary dance at the Artez Dansschol School of Arts. He was choreographer and dancer of the show “Illegal”, with the collaboration of the Institute of Contemporary Art “Witte de Wit”, Rotterdam; In Portugal – Lisbon, dancer in the project, with company of Olga Roriz “Sagração da Primavera”; As a dancer and choreographer, he mixes the technique of Cuban contemporary dance / theater with the influence of Afro-Cuban culture, Brazilian capoeira and Asian movement techniques in relation to the mind (Qigong, Taichi and Aikido).This use of techniques and years of professional work spanning all age levels, have produced a very specific way of working together with dance; giving the technique a different form from those known for the way it is performed, contact and improvisation.


Luisa Vendrell

Técnica de Dança Clássica – Elementar

She started her dance studies at the age of 5, under the guidance of Professor Elsa Mastbaum. She then attended the Ballet Courses of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation where she participated in various shows, notably in the ballet Quebra Nozes and Petrouska. She was admitted to the Dance School of the Conservatory Where he had as professors Wanda Ribeiro da Silva, Patrick Hurde, Elisa Worm, Manuela Valadas and Vasco Wellenkamp, among others, having completed the Dance course in 1980. At the age of 16, he completed a year of training at the Royal Ballet School in Marion Lane, Julia Farron, Hope Keelan and Walter Trevor. She returned to Portugal as a dancer in “Dance Group”, 1st independent group to be subsidized by the Ministry of Culture, with whom she danced for several years in regular shows with choreographies by Elisa Worm, Paula Massano and Olga Roriz. Still with the Dança group, she receives a three-month scholarship to study at the “Lar Lubovitch Dance Company” in New York. She has been a teacher in the Definitive Board of the National Conservatory Dance School since 1998, where she currently teaches TDC, Historical Dances and Physical Preparation. For 18 years, she coordinated the Free Courses of the School of Dance of the National Conservatory. She also worked for 4 years as Coordinator of the Dance Department of EADCN. She has participated as a guest teacher in several dance courses and stages of Orfeão de Leiria and Aveiro, Óbidos and Caldas da Rainha.


Catarina Moreira

Contemporary Dance Technique – Elementar

Master in Dance, at the Superior School of Dance, Portugal. As an interpreter dancer, the highlight of her professional experiences as an alumnus of the Paulo Ribeiro Company and as a dancer in the cast of Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo de Lisboa, under the direction of Vasco Wellenkamp.

Currently teaches Contemporary Dance Technique at the School of Dance of the National Conservatory (EDCN). Together with the teaching area, she develops choreographic work of numerous national and international choreographies for schools, galas and events, dance groups, orientation of various dance workshops and courses, and integration of the core of judges in international dance competitions. Among the various entities for which he has worked as a guest are: the Macau Dance Conservatory, John Cranko School (Stuttgart, Germany), Perm Dance School (Russia), Associazone Europea Danza (Livorno, Italy) of Art (Brazil), Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Saint Petersburg, Russia) and Boris Eifman Dance Academy (Saint Petersburg, Russia). She has also been prominent in the preparation of students for international Dance competitions (in the categories of Contemporary Dance), as well as in the creation of choreographies for their respective participations. In this context, she achieved several international merit awards – Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for student performers and Best Choreographer Prizes – namely at the competitions Arabesque Competition (Perm, Russia), Benjim Dance Competition (China), Eurovision Young Dancers , 2011 International Ballet Competition (USA), Korea International Ballet (Korea), Prix de Lausanne (Switzerland), TanzOlymp Competition Ballet (Berlin), Valentina Kozlova Competition (USA), Varna Competition Ballet Prix ​​Dance Awards (USA).


Inês Godinho

Floor Barre

Born in Lisbon, she started dancing in 1992 at Ginásio Clube do Sul and at the Royal Academy of Dance. In 1999, she joined the National Conservatory Dance School, which ended in 2007, obtaining a Professional Dancer diploma. As a student at the Conservatoire she worked with various teachers and choreographers of national and international renown. Throughout her career she attended several dance courses and workshops, namely at the Royal Ballet School. In October 2007 she became a member of the Quorum Ballet and since then she has danced the entire repertoire of the Company. In 2011 she choreographed for the Company’s 6th anniversary “Eventually we find our way”. Since then she has been assiduous choreographer of the Quorum Ballet. She also choreographed for the National Conservatory Dance School and Quorum Project. In 2014/2015, together with Filipe Narciso, she gives choreographic assistance to Daniel Cardoso at the National Company of Albania (TKOBAP). She teaches dance classes at some dance academies including at the Quorum Academy.

In 2016, takes the duet ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ through the Quorum Academy and wins 1st place in two different competitions in Portugal.


Fátima Brito

Cassical Dance Technique – Intermediate

Classic Repertoire – Intermediate

Fátima Brito has been a dancer of the CNB (Companhia Nacional e Bailado) since its foundation in 1977, having danced the entire repertoire and standing out in numerous main roles. As valorization of her career there are names like Armando Jorge, Tony Hulbert, Hans Brenna, Terry Westmoreland and Jorge Garcia, among many others. She also danced in the United Kingdom and Holland (Scapino Ballet), where she expanded her repertoire, working with Nils Christie, Ed Wubbe, Itzik Galili, Simon Mottram and Armando Navarro. From 2012 to 2018 she worked as a rehearser and teacher at Companhia Nacional de Bailado.





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