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Terms of participation /Levels

It is intended for all interested people, from the age of 8, regardless of their experience in Dance. In the following classes there is an age limit:

  • Classical Dance Technique
    Elementary: from 8 to 13 | Intermediate: from 14 to 18 | Advanced: from 14
  • Contemporary Dance Technique
    from 8 to 13 | Intermediate: from 12 to 18 | Advanced: from 14
  • Classic Repertory
    from 11 to 18 | Advanced: from 14
    (Note: knowledge / experience in point technique)
  • Choreographic Workshop
    from 12 to 18 | Advanced: from 15
  • Movement Creative Expression: from 9
  • BodyFulness: from 10
  • Hip Hop: from 8
  • Floor Barre: from 8


  • For registration, proceed as follows:

1.  Download the application form at: www.edcn.pt
2. Complete the form on-line.
3. Print and sign (by the legal responsible) the registration form.
4. Make a scan or take a picture of the form.
5. Proceed with the bank transfer payment using the IBAN: PT50 0781 0112 01120012621 13.
6. Send the registration form and proof of payment to the email: [email protected]

  • Registration and payment must be made by July 2. After this date, any registration is conditioned to the existence of vacancies.

The amount paid will be refunded in case of impediment of participation for reasons of force majeure duly substantiated and proven.


Nº Classes/Day

1 Week (6 days of classes) 2 Weeks (12 days of classes)
1 70 Euros 120 Euros
2 95 Euros 160 Euros
3 135 Euros 215 Euros
4 165 Euros 265 Euros
5 200 Euros 320 Euros
6 220 Euros 360 Euros
  • Single Classe: 15 euros
  • Personal Accident Insurance: 10 euros


  • Female clothing for Classical Dance Technique classes:

a) Maillot
b) Tights – Salmon colored
c) Half-point shoes (clean and in good condition)
d) Point shoes (for Class Rep and Pas Deux) clean and in good condition
e) Hair bun

  • Men’s clothing for Classical Dance Technique classes:

a) Maillot or slim t-shirt
b) Black tights
c) Ballet shoes

  • Clothing for Contemporary Dance Technique classes:

a) Maillot or T-shirt
b) Trousers or shorts
c) Knee pads and socks

  • Clothing for BodyFullness / Hip Hop / Creative Movement classes:

a) Comfortable clothing
b)Clean Sneakers (only for Hip Hop)


EADCN will award scholarships to students outside of the school on proven merit.

– Application period: from 7 January to 29 March for [email protected]

The application must include:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone contact
  • School attended
  • Motivation letter or letter of recommendation
  • Video with Classical and Contemporary Dance exercises (max 10 minutes)

Allocation of scholarships: The students will be informed of the disciplines that the scholarship will contemplate by electronic mail.


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