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Fábio Lopez

Classical Dance Technique – Advanced | Classic Repertoire – Advanced

In 2004 he completed his studies at the National Conservatory of Dance (Portugal). He attended the Juilliard School Summer Intensive (New York) and completed his training at the Atelier Rudra Béjart School (Switzerland).

In 2006, he joined the Malandain Ballet Biarritz, where he played, among others, the role of Teobaldo in “Romeo and Juliet”, Cinderella’s evil half-sister, Javotte in “Cinderella”, or “Concerto 21 “In” Mozart a 2 “.

In 2002, he won the 3rd Choreographic Award ADAMI / Synodales.

«Poil de carotte», a play conceived in collaboration with the renowned French composer Thierry Escaich, was very well received by the French critics during the last «Festival du Temps d’Aimer la Danse 2016».

He was awarded by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, which awarded him important financial support for the development of his choreographic work in the 2017/2018 season; was also invited choreographer in December 2017 of the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris. Until 2020, he is an associate artist of the “Plateforme Chorégraphique de Bayonne” “OLDEAK” (France), together with his ILLICITE BAYONNE Dance Company.

He has, since 2010, the «Diplôme d’État» of Classical Dance Teacher. He has guided Workshops and Internships in Israel, Germany, the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy and France.

He had the opportunity to work with personalities such as Victor Ullate, Cyril Atanassoff, Maina Gielgud, Violette Verdy, Frank Andersen, Dinna Bjorn, Azari Plissetski, Andrey Klemm, Sylvianne Bayard, Nils Christe, Georges Garcia, Michel Gascard, Lienz Chang, Eva Lopez Crevillon , Urtzi Aramburu, Céline Talon, Thierry Malandain and Maurice Béjart himself.

Lóránd Zachár

Contemporary Dance Technique – Advanced | Choreographic Workshop – Advanced

Lóránd was born in 1969, in Budapest, Hungary. He studied at the Talentum Hungarian Music and Folkdance Academy. He danced at the Budapest Dance Company, at the Rock Theater, Budapest Ballet, Theater Víg‘, Madach Theater, Budapest Dance Theater, Ballet Pécs, Djazz-ex and Danceworks Rotterdam. Nowadays he is still dancing, but before of all teaching, giving workshops and creating choreographies in his unique style all over the world, with big successes. He was working together with outstanding masters and choreographers, such as Andrea Ladányi, Attila Egerházi, Gábor Bakó, Gyula Berger, Béla Földi, Pál Frenák, József Gajdos, István Herczog, Tamás Juronics, György Krámer, Éva Matetics, Iván Markó, Tibor Somogyi, Béla Szirmai, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Bruno Listopad, Dana Caspersen, Doug Elkins, Glenn van der Hoff, Neel Verdoorn, Phillip Adams, Rafael Bonachella, Raza Hammadi, Sana van der Putt, Sean Curran,Ton Simmons Tom Stuart, Vassilij Sullich, Sean Curran, Randall Scott, Thomas Noone, etc.

A few from his wide range of his choreographies: Microcosmos (Ballet Debrecen, Hungary), Transit (Danceworks Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Unreachable Territories (Ballet Pécs, Hungary), Lightcach (Danceworks Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Spark (Danceworks Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Badora Dance Company, Hungary), Sec. (Budapest Dance Theatre, Hungary / Ballet Jazz Art Paris, France), Lisztomania, Complicated Balkan Wedding (Ballet Pécs, Hungary), Firebird-Stravinsky (Budapest Dance Theatre, Hungary), Aida-Verdi (Inversedance Company, Hungary), Waving floor (Ballet Pécs, Hungay), Shadows and Desires (Szeged Contemporary Dance Company), Translucent (Karma Dance Project).

Lóránd’s work is constantly looking for the meaning behind the movements, sometimes in clear and simple way, sometimes with reaching complex extremities of the body. His experimenter thoughts are mingling with the mastered contemporary dance techniques, so thus his classes are very interesting and unique. He is using the maximum physical endowments on his unique, special body-language. The often used floor-technique on the classes seeks to experience the fluidity. Combinations and the partner-works on the workshops are characterized by the extremely isolated and self-conscious body-use.

Sandra Resende

Classical Dance Technique – Intermediate | Classic Repertoire – Intermediate

Sandra Araújo Kuznetsona Resende completed the 8-year course at E.D.C.N. (School of Dance of the National Conservatory) and took a two-year postgraduate degree at the Vaganova Dance Academy in St. Petersburg, where she obtained a Ballet Dancer degree.

She danced in several international companies solo and main roles of diverse repertoire ballets as well as new choreographic creations.

The companies she worked with throughout her career:

Mali Theater, Saint Petersburg – Russia

Europa Dance – France

C.N.B. – Portugal

N.B.T. – England

Gregor Seyfert Compagnie, Dessau – Germany

Landesbuhne Sachsen, Dresden – Germany

Hagen Ballet – Germany

Throughout her career, Sandra Resende has also participated in several international festivals and world-renowned prizes, among them the Cuba Festival Organized by Alicia Alonzo, the 1st International Dance Festival of Dessau and the Prix Benoit de la Dance where she performed together with his partner the pas de deux of the ballet Marquis de Sade.

In October 2016 he became a Master of Dance Teaching by ESD.

At the moment Sandra teaches TDC (Classical Dance Technique) at the School of Dance, is rehearser and guest teacher at the Quorum Ballet.

Marta Lobato Faria

Contemporary Dance Technique – Intermediate | Choreographic Workshop – Intermediate

Marta Lobato de Faria was born in 1980, graduated in Dance by the Rotterdamse Dans Academie (CODARTS) / Netherlands, holder of the Dance diploma of the of the Dance School of the National Conservatory. Marta Lobato de Faria was a trainee at the Northern Contemporary Ballet Company – Portugal, and the Dansgroep Company Kristina de Châtell – Holland. As a freelancer, participated in several projects in Europe, with the choreographers André Gingras, Jack Gallecker, Anne Van de Broek, Neel Verdoom, Jelena Kostick, Julia Reviera, Yonel Castilla Serrano, among others. Also has worked with United C, Merkx & Dansers and since 2010 she is a dancer from the Olga Roriz Company. Her curriculum demonstrates, since 2006, experience of teaching dancers in various Institutions, among them: FOR – Olga Roriz Formation, Fontys Dance Academy, Quorum Ballet, School of Dance, Academy Space Dance / ILÚ, Dance Academy of Alcobaça, Performact, Helmond Dans Academie and Dance Company of Faro, at national and international level. In 2009, she founded ILÚ – Dance-Theater Association of Urban Intervention and in 2012 founded and took over the direction of Academia Espaço Dança / ILÚ.

Maria Telo de Abreu

Classical Dance Technique – Elementary

Born in Lisbon, she lived in Elvas until he was six years old and returned to that city twenty years later. There she runs his own dance school, A.D.E. – Elvas Dance Academy, and directed the Municipal Academy of Dance and Performative Arts of the same municipality between the years 2008 and 2011.

Registered teacher at RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) and Supervisor at the Faculty of Education in London. She acquired her training in Dance between Lisbon (Center of Formation of Dancers of the National Company of Bailado and EDCN – School of Dance of the National Conservatory); Royal Academy of Dance and Faculty of Education (London); and School of Dance of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon where she completed the Master’s Degree in Dance Teaching in 2014.

She was a scholarship student at the Royal Academy of Dance in 1995, 1997 and 1998; Ministry of Education and BCP- Banco Comercial Português in 1998.

As a student she completed the courses of the School of Dance of the National Conservatory under the guidance of the master Jorge Garcia; and Royal Academy of Dance where she graduated with Honors under the guidance of Professor June Mitchel.

She danced professionally for seven years at the CNB – Companhia Nacional de Bailado where she played numerous roles in classical, neoclassical and contemporary repertoire ballets; having excelled in ballets such as Agon, Who Cares ?, and George Balanchine’s Serenade, and In the Middle Somewhat Elevated by William Forshythe.

As a teacher specializing in the 7th and 8th grade girls (11th and 12th year of regular education) of Artistic Education Specialized in Dance at EDCN-School of Dance of the National Conservatory under the guidance of Professor Irina Zavialova.

Simultaneously with her dance career, she is also a Pilates Instructor, formed by Polestar Pilates (Filipa Mayer) and ALM Pilates, with a Professional IDP Sports Coach Card.

Parallel to her training in dance and pilates, Maria studied drawing at the Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon, completed the third degree of Musical Theory of the Associated Board of the Royal

Inês Pedruco

Contemporary Dance Technique – Elementary

She began her studies in the dance area at the age of 8 at the Ana Manjericão Dance School, obtaining all the exams of the Royal Ballet School.

In September 2002 she entered the Dance School of the National Conservatory where she obtained the diploma as Professional Ballerina in 2009. In that same year she became a semi-finalist of the International Prix de Lausanne Competition where she won a scholarship for the Joffrey Ballet School in New York and was invited to dance to the television channel Biography Channel.

In June 2009 she became a member of the Quorum Ballet Dance Company where she worked with several choreographers of different nationalities, acting in various countries such as China, Macau, Denmark, Spain, Serbia, Ecuador, Thailand, Switzerland, Germany and so on.

During her professional career she was invited as assistant dancer to reassemble the “Swan Lake” of the company Quorum Ballet in the Azores and also to collaborate in workshops with several schools like School of Dance of the National Conservatory, School of the Conservatory of Music and Dance of Coimbra, Quorum Academy, FullOut, Norton de Matos Center, Almada Dance School, Contemporary Ballet School, Diogo de Carvalho School, Aveiro Ballet School and more.

She worked with the playwright Pedro Alves in Companhia Teatromosca.

As a choreographer she worked with the Ballet School of Aveiro and the Contemporary Dance Academy of Setúbal.

In 2017 she finished the Master Course in Dance Teaching.

She is currently a professor of Contemporary Dance Technique and Contemporary Repertoire at the National Conservatory Dance Art School and also of Classical Dance Technique at the Contemporary Dance Academy of Setúbal.

Inês Godinho

Floor Barre

Born in Lisbon, she started dancing in 1992 at Ginásio Clube do Sul and at the Royal Academy of Dance.

In 1999, she joined the National Conservatory Dance School, which ended in 2007, obtaining a Professional Dancer diploma.

As a student at the Conservatoire she worked with various teachers and choreographers of national and international renown.

Throughout his career she attended several dance courses and workshops, namely at the Royal Ballet School.

In October 2007 she became a member of the Quorum Ballet and since then she has danced the entire repertoire of the Company.

In 2011 she choreographed for the Company’s 6th anniversary “Eventually we find our way”.

Since then she has been assiduous choreographer of the Quorum Ballet.

She also choreographed for the National Conservatory Dance School and Quorum Project.

In 2014/2015, together with Filipe Narciso, she gives choreographic assistance to Daniel Cardoso at the National Company of Albania (TKOBAP).

She teaches dance classes at some dance academies including at the Quorum Academy.

In 2016, takes the duet ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ through the Quorum Academy and wins 1st place in two different competitions in Portugal.

Vasco Macide

BodyFullness | Movement Creative Expression

Born in Lisbon in 1963, he did is dance studies at the National Conservatoire Dance School and took parallel studies in photography and cinema at António Arroio School.

He proceed is studies at the Benesh Institute of Coreology, in London and worked in several dance companies in Portugal and abroad as a dancer and choreographer.

He teaches at the National Conservatoire Dance School, at the Escola Técnica Profissional de Bailado, from the National Ballet, at Balleteatro School, Academia de Bailado de Guimarães, among others, and he was a gest teacher at Escola Superior de Dança and Acadenia de Dança de Setúbal.

He belonged to the team that developed and implemented the Dance Department of the Conservatoire of Coimbra where he teaches.

Since 1996 he started to develop is work also in the fields of cultural programing, production, management and consulting advisor, where he worked as a programing director at Balleteatro Auditório (Porto), programing consultant at Teatro Viriato (Viseu), artistic director and programmer at Oficina (Guimarães) and Direcção Geral das Artes. He worker in Porto 2001 European Capital of Culture, where he was responsible for the dance and contemporary circus program.

He worked also as a production and diffusion responsible for the Portuguese choreographers Paulo Ribeiro and Olga Roriz.

He was president of the Portuguese Cultural Programmers Association, as well as member and funder of several national and international associations for the networking and development of cultural programming, like Sem Rede and IRIS.

He has been gest teacher for several seminars in Movement Analysis and Methodologies, Cultural Programing, Management and Production, in several Portuguese Schools and institutions.

Since 2006 he started do develop is won method of movement – Bobby Fullness.

Also since that date he is a consultant in artistic management, developing actively new projects in the fields of creation and artistic teaching.

He is regularly invited to be part of the college of experts who access the artistic projects who apply for state grants.

Inês Aflalo

Hip Hop

Inês Afflalo started dancing at the age of five. She attended the Royal Academy of Dancing course until the 5th grade with Distinction. At the age of nine she enrolled in the National Conservatory Dance School, completing six years of training with teachers such as Luisa Taveira, Luisa Carles, Mark de Graff, Luisa Vendrell, Ana Vian, Pedro Carneiro, Cristina Graça, Constança Coutro, José Luis Vieira, Jorge Garcia, among others.

She holds a degree in Communication Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in Journalism (2007). She dedicated some time to the communication area, having collaborated as a journalist intern at SIC.

She has been teaching dance since 2005, having started with Hip-Hop in numerous schools and academies. She competed as a dancer in 2 Hip-Hop groups, at the Nationals (2nd place Portuguese Federation Gymnastics Championship) and also International. Later, she attended the Hip-Hop College course, by the company “Diego Sacco”, having obtained the “Aluna Revelação” diploma (2006/2007). At 2015, she completes the Master’s Degree in Dance Teaching from the School of Dance (ESD), and has completed the internship component at the Dance School of the National Conservatory (DSNC), in Contemporary Dance Technique. As a dancer, she had the opportunity to dance in the musical “High School Musical” (2009) in the Coliseum and Tivoli Theater, with the choreographer Clair Fiest; She did theater of magazine, in Parque Mayer, in the pieces “Hip-Hop’arque” (2008 ) and “Agarra que é Honesto” (2010), with the choreographer Marco Di Camilis. She participated in the tv show “Achas que Sabes dançar” /”So You Think You Can Dance” (2010), where she reached 8th place, having worked with different choreographers: Pau Vasquez, René Vinther, Daniel Cardoso, Diana Rego, Pedro Borralho, Paula Pinto, Simeon Qsyea and João Tiago. Over the last few years she has attended countless seminars, workshops and summer courses of classical dance, hip-hop, dramatic dance, duet, and contemporary dance and jazz with reference teachers in the national panorama, such as Sofia Neuphart, Amélia Bentes, Gonçalo Lobato, Silvia Rijmer, Paula Careto, Magali, Teresa Ranieri, Diana Matos, Luke Jessop, Ricardo Ambrósio, Colin Vieira, Maté Mészáros, Bruno Caverna, Miguel Loureiro, and Cristina Graça. Currently Inês is artistic director, dancer and choreographer in her own project, LEGACY Professional Dancers, with her partner Colin Vieira, teacher, coreographer and dancer, which she founded in 2010, after her participation in the television show “Achas que sabes Dançar”/”So You Think You Can Dance”. A project that involves coordination of different dancers, choreography and production of events or shows, dance classes and workshops in different styles such as Jazz, Hip-Hop and Contemporary, nationally and internationally. At 2016 she teached Contemporary Tecniques on the oficial course at Escola de Dança do Conservatorio Nacional and on the superior course at Escola Superior de Dança. In last six years she has also worked as a choreographer in theater with Produtora Plano 6 and Companhia Palco 13. Now she teaches Hip-Hop, Contemporary Dance and Jazz (children / youth and adults) at Jazzy Dance Studios, ARTEMOVE and Conservatório de Musica de Cascais.

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