Other areas

The school


Principal: Paulo Ferreira [email protected] Deputy Principal: Pedro Mateus [email protected] Assistant to the Principal: Sandra Correia [email protected]

Administrative staff

Sónia Lucas (Coordenadora Técnica) Isilda Lima Gracinda Lucas Lurdes Gonçalves


GuestsGuest teachers in 2017/2018 Alla Schirkevitch – São Petersburgo (Rússia) Sagi Gross Guest choreographers in 2017/2018 Miguel Ramalho (Portugal) Fábio Lopes – Compagnie Illicite (França) Lorand Zachar – Nederlands Danse Theater (Holanda) Academic studiesAdelina Oliveira Alexandra Olival Ana Catarina Fragoso Ana Isabel Moreira Carlos Jorge Cecília Abreu Delfina Cruz Inês Pratas Isabel Gomes Maria da […]

Senior Staff

Principal Paulo Ferreira Deputy Principal Pedro Mateus Assistant to the Principal Sandra Correia


Video technical assistants António Amaral (technical team coordinator) Paulo Carvalho (image and audiovisual coordinator) Francisco Vinhas Mário Gonçalves

School staff

Ana Paula Rei Fernanda Gonçalves Florbela Gonçalves Francisca Figueira

Osteopathy and Psychology Office

Osteopath João Paulo Moita Psychologist Carla Ramalho

Brief history

The National Conservatory of Lisbon is located in a 19th century building in the historical centre of Lisbon functioning as such since 1839. Though the discipline of dance was part of the educational program, integrated and related to other artistic disciplines, the current structure of the dance school was implemented in 1987. The school is […]

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